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Wide Variety's Weekly Wedding Round Up.

Kieran Hayler has wedding ring tattoo removed

Back in 2013, when Kieran Hayler & Katie Price tied the knot, he had their initials and a heart tattooed on his ring finger.

A source told The Sun He doesn't see the point in keeping it and wants to get rid of it.

"It's just a daily reminder of his marriage, which is now over.”

There is no news however, on if he plans to have the portrait / eyesore tattoo removed from his leg which depicts estranged wife Katie Price, AKA Jordan posing in her underwear.

Hayler got the tattoo as a way to show Price his commitment to their marriage vows after she caught him cheating on her.

GBBO Star Candice Brown tied the knot... and had 11 cakes, the dream!

Winner of Great British Bake off 2016, Candice Brown tied the knot with her partner of 6 years, Liam McAuley in Burgandy, France.

The GBBO contestant tied the knot in a secret ceremony in a chateau in France. She had wanted her fellow contestants to be part of the wedding cake.

Kate, who left the competition in the fourth week was tasked with co-ordinating the bakers. She told Hello! Magazine in a wedding exclusive that they originally considered baking an 11 tier cake (one from each fellow contestant) “It was never going to be a conventional wedding cake with 11 very different bakers collaborating." They then settled on baking one cake each.

If you don't like it then you better put an injunction on it... woah oh oh!

If you’ve ever been on Etsy and had your eye on one of many Beyonce themed hen do pieces, then you’re in luck.

The superstar has failed to secure a court injunction preventing the sale of the products. Phew. That is my hypothetical Beyoncé themed hen do saved!

Beyoncé filed the injunction over fears fans would confuse the companies merchandise with her official merchandise.

However, a judge refused the injunction stating there was enough evidence to show fans clearly understood the pun and it doesn't infringe on her copyright.

The merchandise is a play on the singer's name, aswell as her 2008 hit 'Single Ladies (Put a ring on it)'.

Billy Baldwin said he will auction off his +1 for his Niece's wedding with Bieber.

Have they or haven’t they? The rumour mill is in overdrive with curiosity surrounding the marriage status of Bieber & Baldwin. The latest rumour this week is that they have, but will hold a formal ceremony in front of their families.

Hayley’s uncle, Billy, has suggested he could raise $20 million for charity by auctioning off his plus one privileges for the wedding. He told TMZ ‘'If we sold $20 raffle tickets, I'd make $20 million dollars worldwide with all their fans.’

The pair got engaged on July 7th in the Bahamas.

Paul McCartney crashes wedding

Every week… there’s a celeb who crashes a wedding, somewhere. This week, Paul McCartney takes the crown.

A couple of Newlyweds in Canada were having some wedding photos taken when a man rode past on a bike.

Jen Roscoe, 39, and her new husband, Steve Gregg, 38 said they had to do a double take, and then realised it was legendary Beatles member, Paul McCartney.

He was more than happy to pose with the couple for their dream wedding photos.


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