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Wide Variety Weekly Wedding Round-Up

Ed Sheeran stops gig to help fan with the Perfect proposal.

At an intimate gig for Heart Live - with only 400 attendees, Ed Sheeran noticed a man on one knee in the crowd whilst he was in the middle of performing his hit song ‘Perfect’.

“Two seconds, can everyone just be quiet so this man can ask a question?”

Matthew Reed, was asking his girlfriend of 4 years Rebecca, to marry him.

“He’s not is he?” shouts a man from the crowd “Oh he is” replied Sheeran.

He then confirmed she said yes before launching back in to the song.

It’s not the first time Sheeran has played cupid in a proposal. He helped pal Jake Roche from Boy Band Rixton, pop the question on stage to Little Mix star Jesy Nelson.

Unfortunately, that one didn’t last, but we wish this happy couple all the best!

A tragic love story as woman gets her dying wish

Samantha, 33, from the UK was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in June of this year.

After being hospitalized for treatment, she was eventually moved to a Hospice for end of life treatment.

Knowing she would soon pass away, she wanted to fulfill her final wish; to marry her boyfriend, Alec.

Along with family, friends, and the hospice, he managed to pull together the wedding party within a number of days.

"The wedding was very emotional for us," said Alec. "It was the hardest day, but beautiful at the same time. Sam was so special and during her life touched the lives of many in the community. Over 300 people came to her funeral. She was amazing."

Six days after the wedding, Samantha passed away with her new husband by her side.

Explosion heard for 15 miles around turns out to be a wedding dress at a divorce party. Yikes.

A Texas woman celebrated her divorce in explosive fashion by destroying her wedding dress; marking the end of her Fourteen year marriage.

After finalising the details of her divorce, she invited friends and family to her farm for a party.

Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler said she had to destroy the dress as it represented a lie.

Heeding a suggestion from her father and brother in law, she rigged the wedding dress with $200 worth of explosives, and then shot it with a gun.

"We have a friend who is a bomb tech and he kept saying, 'That's really a lot,' like five different times when we told him our plan," Kimberly said of the amount of explosives used.

It was reported by friends 15 miles away on Facebook that they could hear the ruckus as attendees shared videos of it online.

It’s not known exactly why she divorced her husband, however, given the cake (above) and the exploding wedding dress, one can only make assumptions.



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