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So you're engaged. Congratulations... what's next?

The first year of wedding planning is where you'll do most of the big work. Once all of the following is sorted you can think about dresses, suits, flowers and honeymoons.

Pictures: Terry McCann/Wide Variety's resident wedding photographer

Tell your family & close friends

Yours and theirs.

I don't think your cousin Sarah would be happy to find out through Facebook now, do you?

Insure the engagement rings

It's more than sentimental, it's probably worth a couple of Gs and if it is - Insure it!

Book the engagement photo shoot

You're going to want to capture every piece of happiness, so why not get an engagement shoot?

Set a budget

Whether your budget is €10,000 or €100,000, you're going to need to plan your budget before you draft a guest list or look at venues.

Chose a date

You probably have some idea about what time of year you want. If you're looking for an outdoor event, it's probably best not to pick a day in mid November. If you're willing to be flexible, this may work in favor of your budget and your preferred venue.

Draft your guest-list

And stick to it. Don't let anyone guilt you into plus ones or estranged friends.

Chose your wedding party

Once again, it's your wedding - pick who you want most by your side on your big day.

Book a venue

If you're having the ceremony in a church you'll have to think about travel time between church and reception. If you're having it all in one venue, you've less transport logistics to figure out. You're probably only going to get married once, at least that's the aim, right?, so make sure it's a special venue for you.

Book your vendors

You'll have catering, DJs, Photographers and Videographers to consider. Once you've got the date and venue set, get booking!


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