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5 Reasons Why Brides Hire a Sparkle LED Dance Floor

Like many brides to be, your probably deciding on the final touches to your decor. One of the biggest additions to any wedding decor, is a sparkle led dance floor. With this in mind, here are 5 reasons why brides hire a sparkle led dance floor, for their wedding.

1. Adds the WOW Factor - Lets face it, not everyone goes to the biggest effort when it comes to decorating their wedding venue. Which is why it is always noticed, when someone makes that extra effort. If you are looking to WOW your guests, then a sparkle dance floor, is the way to go!

2. Looks Great in the Photos! - When a sparkle dance floor is included, the photographs from the big day often turn out spectacular, and show what looks like a magical fairytale wedding (this is not surprising considering the thousands of fairy lights!)

3. Adds to the atmoshpere - The surrounding within your venue, the layout, the colours, and the decor itself can have a big impact on the atmosphere at your wedding. The white sparkle floor often adds to the happy atmosphere on the big day.

4. Brings the Entire Decor Arrangement Together - You may have a fairy light backdrop already booked, or perhaps you have hired led skirts for the top table and cake table. When you add a sparkle led dance floor, it pulls all of these elements together and creates a spectacular effect within the space.

5. - People Love Dancing on a Sparkle LED Dance Floor - Without fail, at the end of the night you will always find your crowd dancing away on the sparkle dance floor. After all, it's not every night that you get the opportunity to do so!


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