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Do You Need to Buy a Meal For Your Vendors?

It's a topic that we came accross recently in a popular Facebook wedding group page, from a bride to be asking if she needs to buy a meal for the vendors at her wedding? The short answer to this is, it varies from vendor to vendor. While many brides to be cover a meal for essential vendors who tend to be there all day, like your photographer for example, there would be less need to feed the DJ in the evening time for example.

Before you make a decision on this you might want to ask yourself the following:

- Will the person(s) be there for most of the day?

- Have you helped you out and been good to work with?

- Are they expecting a meal?

- Is this a requirment under their standard wedding contract or agreement?

Once you have answered all of the above, you might also choose an alternative and less expensive option. You could consider feeding these vendors in the bar, as opposed to sitting them down with your guests for a full meal.

Do you feel it is right for a vendor to require a meal from you? Have your say in the comments below.

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