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Wide Variety's Weekly Wedding Round Up

Ayda Field upstages Princess by wearing all white to Royal Wedding.

Attending the Wedding of Princess Eugenie last Friday, Field, wife of Robbie Williams, was slammed online by fans for wearing head to toe white.

Abstaining from wearing white to wedding, unless you're the bride, obviously, is an age old tradition across many cultures, not just the monarchy. However, the X-Factor judge decided to ignore wedding etiquette.

A photograph posted to her Instagram shows the outfit is accompanied by a white fascinator and gold shoes.

One commenter said “Ballsy move wearing white to someone else's wedding”

with another remarking “Big no no to wear white or anything light to a wedding. So rude. FYI- Looks cheap too.” Ouch. "Disrespectful wearing white to a wedding- u could have picked any colour- bad choice”.

Woman gives away her dream wedding

Days after she called off her engagement, Kolbie Sanders from Texas posted on Facebook that she had 24 hours to find a couple to take her dream wedding.

"With my engagement ending, I’ve come to find tremendous peace in knowing that I did the right thing for the both of us. With that being said, now I want to do the right thing by others and let some good come out of this decision."

She said that she got thousands of messages from brides nominating themselves for the chance to get their hands on a dream wedding. She wrote down the names of anyone with a stand out story, and picked a name out of a hat on Facebook live to get a winner.

"This is a long shot but since my wedding venue has been paid for in full already, I have decided to donate my venue valued at $3,500 to a couple to use for their wedding day! The catch: I have 24 hours to find the couple and they would need to be ready to get married on the date that my venue is booked for which is this Saturday, October 20th!"

Many local businesses got in on the good will, and offered catering, hair & make-up and florist services to give someone the ultimate big day.

Who's on and off this week?

As Ariana Grande and Fiance Pete Davidson called things off this week, fellow pop superstar, Lady Gaga has hinted at an engagement.

Gaga, real name Stefani Germanotta, referred to Christian Carino as her ‘Fiance’ during her speech at the Elle's 25th Annual Women in Hollywood celebration.

Gaga and Carino have allegedly been dating since early 2017.

Meanwhile Grande and Davidson's engagement came to an abrupt end after 5 months. They announced their engagement in May after a brief stint of dating.

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