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The Biggest Event Disasters & How To Avoid Them

Organising a successful event can be tricky. It requires attention to detail and forward planning. Thankfully here at Wide Variety Entertainment, we want to help you create better events and avoid the common mistakes made when planning events. Here are some of the biggest event disasters, and how you can avoid them.

1. A terrible turn out of attendees – There is nothing worse than going to the effort of organising an event, food, music, decorations, the works, and then nobody turns up to enjoy all of the effort you made! This is a mistake made by many unfamiliar event organisers. They often underestimate the amount of people who will let you down at the last minute, and fail to show up. Before you begin organising an event, set the number of guests you want to attend, and then increase the invitations by about 15-20%. This will help ensure that the additional guests will compensate for the no-shows, and you achieve an event with the right amount of guests!

2. Running out of food – There is certainly a level of embarrassment felt by the event’s host when they run out of food for their guests! To avoid this from happening, carefully plan ahead the number of guests you think will attend, and add a few portions on top to save yourself the embarrassment, it will be worth it. It is also advisable to speak to your caterer and request that additional food, where possible, be made available on request.

​3.Poor entertainment – Quite possibly the most annoying thing that can happen to someone who has gone to the effort of organising an event, is the entertainers bringing down the atmosphere. These are the people tasked with complementing and enhancing the atmosphere at an event, so when they fail to do the job they were hired for it does not go down well. Always ensure you carefully select quality entertainers who will interact with the crowd and help the atmosphere. Never underestimate the important role of entertainment at an event. It plays a vital role in the success of any event.

​4. Fights/conflict among guests – Although often less common than the above issues, this issue should never be overlooked when organising an event. From personal experience I have witnessed events being ruined by fights (both verbal and physical) as a result of conflicting people both being on the guest list. If there is an issue between multiple individuals, invite either of them or neither of them. It is simply not worth the risk of negatively affecting the atmosphere of the event.

​5. Unforeseen circumstances – Sometimes the most unusual of things can cause disaster at an event. A friend of mine once hired a party bus to take him and his friends to the venue of his birthday party, as the other guests arrived. 5 minutes from the venue, one of the guests puked all over the birthday boy and destroyed his suit. However, had my friend recognized that the guest in questions suffers from severe travel sickness (after all he knew him all of his life) he may have reconsidered the party bus plan. These are the types of things that can happen at an event. Be aware, and be on the lookout for such situations, and always prepare for the unexpected, where possible!

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