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Wide Variety's Weekly Wedding Round Up

Big Little Lies star engaged

The engagement has been kept under wraps since February.

Actress Zoe Kravitz announced in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that she has been engaged to Karl Glusman since his low key proposal earlier this year.

"Oh yeah, I'm engaged," she told reporters when they noticed that she was sporting a rock on her ring finger.

Glusman had planned to propose in Paris, but due to other commitments, he decided to do so in the couple's living room instead.

The pair met when they were introduced through mutual friends, quite like their romance we imagine the nuptials will be low key as well.

Love Island stars Marry in Mykonos

The 2017 contestants have become the second couple from the series to tie the knot.

In typical reality TV show fashion, OK magazine were there to pap every moment.

However, none of their co-stars were in attendance "As we were limited on numbers, we only invited people we see all the time. Choosing who to invite made us realise who was really important to us."

It is likely they will have a party in the UK to celebrate, where their co-stars can attend.

The pair met when they ‘coupled up’ on UK hit reality TV Series Love Island.

Woman engaged to Ghost

No this isn’t a halloween prank.

Amethyst Realm, (spooky name though), is a 30 year old woman from the UK.

The engagement comes after she told ITVs This Morning almost a year ago that she had a paranormal affair on her human husband with a ghost.

She proposed to her ghost boyfriend after 9 months of dating, and she says, it’s the first time she heard him speak.

Each to their own I guess.

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