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5 Tips For Planning A Successful Event

Event Planning

Planning an event can be stressful for event organisers, for clients and for suppliers. Companies such as Wide Variety Weddings & Events are happy to help make it as easy as possible to stage the best event you possibly can. When planning an event, it is key to think of the 5 W’s. They are…

1. Who?

This is everyone involved before, during and after the event. The client, the attendees, the venue, the suppliers and so on. It is vital for everyone to work together so that they’re all on the same page.

2. What?

This is the main concept of the event. What event is it exactly that you are trying to pull off? This is where Wide Variety come in. As event suppliers, they can make your ideal wedding or event a reality. They provide all of the essential décor to bring your venue to life.

3. When?

Just like everything else, there are busy and quiet seasons in the events sector. It is important when planning an event that you take a look at other events taking place around that time. You do not want to organise an event that nobody is going to attend because they’re all going to the concert in the 3 Arena that night.

4. Where?

The location of your event determines the accessibility of your event. When picking a venue, you need to think is it accessible for the attendees? Can they get a bus or luas, is there sufficient parking or is it completely out of the way?

5. Why?

Why are you hosting the event? Your main objectives should be taken into consideration. Do you want to raise money? Do you want to raise awareness? It is entirely up to you.

It is essential to consider all 5 W’s when planning an event. This event planning process is very simple yet very effective. If you have any questions about organising a great event, email

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