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3 Tips To Come Under-Budget On Your Wedding!

Do you want to be one of few who come under budget on there wedding? We have prepared 3 tips to help you on your way

wide variety events wedding experts

Everyone knows weddings can be expensive. The average cost of a wedding in Ireland, including honeymoon is approx €25,000, that's a lot of cash! Entertainment Photography, Videography, DJ, (LED Dance Floor, Table Skirts, Ballroom Lighting), and Décor can cost upwards of €5,000 alone. Of course, these are all the things that will make your day spectacular and stand out, it's very important to get these right. That's why later we will show you how you get all of these things to create the wedding of your dreams, for less than a fortune!

Tip 1 - Setting the Date

The earlier in advance you set the date, the deals. Setting your date about 18 months in advance is ideal. It gives the venue, entertainment and florist etc enough time, and they will be delighted to fill up there calendar.

Tip 2 - Flowers

A simple way to save money is to add more greenery than flower. Greenery fills space and is less expensive than the physical flowers. You can also swap out extremely popular and expensive flowers for less expensive ones that are in season.

Tip 3 - The Secret Way to Save A Fortune!

Most companies ask for a nice chunk of money for the certain areas they specialise in, i.e. photography, videography etc. For example, a photographer alone could cost you €2,000, WOW! When you go to many different companies who do one thing, they can only give you so much of a discount. That's where we come in! Wide Variety don't specialise in one area, we specialise in lots of services so we are in a unique position to save you the most money! Find out just how much you can save by emailing or call our office +353 (1) 891 6111.

Happy wedding planning, we hope this article helps you stay on track!

wide variety wedding experts

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