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Pros & Cons of a Marquee Party

Thinking of holding your event in a marquee on your property? We've put together a list of pros and cons to help you decide if this is right for you.


No limitations on decorations - Unlike holding your event in a hired venue, you can pretty much decorate a marquee whichever way you like. Confetti, Lanterns, anything goes!

No set end time - You decide when the party ends! There is no such thing as 'last song' or 'last orders' at a marquee party.

Your home will not be destroyed - I'm sure you've heard many stories of house parties going wrong, with a marquee party, you can contain the chaos and the mess.


Grumpy neighbours - Yes, there is always one. If the music is a little noisy, unfortunately they will blame you. However, you could always try inviting them in, and that may fix your problem!

The mess - While it is not in your house, the mess after a party can still be quite significant. It may be best to deal with this after the hang over fades, but at least the mess is outside, and not in your home!

'Clingers' - Like all good parties, you are sure of at least one 'clinger' who just doesn't know when to call it a night. He or she will most likely be found on your sofa the following morning, whilst still drinking a beer and indulging in Celine Dion's greatest hits album to drown his sorrows. A little taxi fare home and a pat on the back should send him on his way, and that will conclude your marquee party.


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