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3 Tips For Organising a Communion or Confirmation Party

Communion and Confirmation season and we've noticed a huge spike in panicked parents contacted us for their child's big day. With this in mind, we want to help more people avoid the common mistakes. Here are 3 tips to ensure your child's bid party goes to plan.

1. Plan ahead

This is something many parents fail to do, so fear not, you are not alone. If you are planning for a communion in May, you need to plan ahead as early as possible. Here at Wide Variety, we are almost completely booked out for May already. Whoever you decide to book, contact them as early as possible to book you in. This way you will avoid disappointment.

2. Never rely on one form of entertainment

Kids have a uniquely short attention span, and when they get bored of one thing at a party, it is always best to have something else there to keep them occupied. This could mean a bouncy castle and a magician, or any two forms of entertainment. When you rely on only one thing to keep your kids occupied, you are taking a risk. Booking two activities will keep them occupied longer, so the adults can have time to themselves.

3. Know who you are dealing with

Take some time to research those who are hiring for your children's parties. How many previous parties have they done? Can they show you reviews? Do you have a long list of happy customers? You want to make sure you're hiring the real deal, so both yourself and the kids are not disappointed on the day.


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