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10 Questions To Ask When Choosing Your Venue

Picking the right venue for your event can be tricky. There is a lot to consider.

You want to be sure that the venue is the right fit for you and your guests so with this in mind, here are 10 questions you can ask, which will help you make the right decision.

1. How far is the venue from your guests? - If it is a considerable distance, you may need to hire transport.

2. What is the capacity of the venue? - Can the venue hold all of your guests. It is also important not to have a room which is too large, and it could look empty during the event.

3. Do they provide a full bar service? - Not every venue provides a full selection of beverages, so you may wish to check this before you book.

4. What time can the room be used from and to? - You don't want your event to end earlier than expected, so this is an important question to ask.

5. Can the venue accomodate your choice of entertainment? - Some venues have polocies on entertainment, you should check whatever form of entertainment you are planning, is accomodated by your venue.

6. What is the cost of hiring the venue?

7. Is there anything included in the price of hiring the room?

8. What is not included, which you will have to get yourself?

9. Is there access to overnight parking? - Your guests may wish to leave there vehicles overnight if they decide to drink alcohol.

10. Are there any hidden charges? - Security deposits, booking fees? Make sure you are aware of this in advance to ensure there are no hidden surprises.


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