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5 Signs Of A Great Party Planner

1. You are an organised person – Party planning is all about organising and managing various tasks. If you’re the type of person who likes things to be done in a certain way and you plan in advance to achieve your goals, then that is a great sign!

2. You get things done on time – You don’t make excuses as to why everything is running late. You leave enough time for the occasional bump in the road so that tasks are always completed on time, one way or another!

3. You recognise your strengths and weaknesses – A good party planner knows he or she cannot be 100% perfect at everything. Its far better to be great at a few things, than good at lots of things. A good party planner will always assess their strengths and weaknesses, and delegate tasks and roles accordingly.

4. You are a people person – In order to deal with the many people – guests and workers which are involved in a great party, you need to be a good people person. If you have no difficulty making conversation with strangers, then congratulations, that is a great sign!

5. You are consistent – Your efforts are consistent. You don’t lose intensity or work ethic after a short sprint in your planning efforts. You can work at a level with is sustainable and see your efforts through to completion.

If the above 5 signs describe you, then congratulations you have many of the necessary attributes of a great party planner. If the above 5 sign does not describe you, then it’s not too late to start working on developing these skills.


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