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Who NOT To Invite To Your Party

Before setting out to organise your party, it is important to first understand what type of party you want to have. Do you want a big party with lots of people, or do you prefer a more intimate gathering? There is always a balance to be struck when organising a party to ensure the guest list gives the party the best chance of success. Ask yourself the following questions before drawing up your guest list.

  • Will you allow friends of friends to attend, or are you strict on numbers?

  • Is there two or more people on your guest list with conflict, that could affect the party atmosphere?

  • Who do you need at the party?

  • Who will add to the atmosphere at the party?

  • Do you need to invite lots of people whom you don’t know, to have a great party?

  • Will you use social media to promote the party and if you do, how will you make sure that only the people you want to attend, get the invitation/news of the party?

Many of the above questions will have a direct impact on your party. So if you think someone will bring down the atmosphere of the party, create tension due to conflict with others, or perhaps you have that dodgy cousin who always seems to cause a bit of problem at a family gathering, then you should definitely avoid inviting these people, if at all possible!

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