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6 Tips For Organising A Great House Party

Organising a house party can be an art of its own! There are a few important things to consider as it often involves entertaining guests in your own home as opposed to a venue which is not your own. With this in mind here are a few things to consider:

  • Host - First of all, be aware that your role as a host in your own home may involve a bit of work, you wouldn’t normally be worried about. This includes: cleaning as you go, ensuring the party doesn’t escalate to the point where your precious items might be damaged or ruined (it happens often), and of course prioritising your guests’ having a good time, over your own enjoyment of the night. While it is important to mention the above, all of this can be managed well and you can still have a fantastic night along with your guests. There is also the option of hiring help, to reduce any or all of the work you have to do yourself.

  • Location – Decide where within the house, the party will be focused. The kitchen, the living area, the dining area etc. Another option is to hold the event outdoors in a marquee. This reduces the risk of any damage occurring within the house, and is also feasible even in bad weather, once you hire a marquee with appropriate heating, lighting, tables and chairs.

  • Awareness – You can throw the best house party on earth, but if no one knows about it, it’s not going to be go anywhere! Make it your mission to tell everyone you want there, as soon as you can and remind them regularly to ensure they don’t forget. Remember, people often commit to attend an event and then let you down at the last minute. Therefore, it is good practice to invite more people than you wish to attend, to ensure you get the right numbers. However, this doesn’t mean inviting 5,000 people to get 50 attendees, unless your planning something similar to Project X! Also, be created in your invitation and think of how your pitch it to your guests. People get invited to events all of the time, why should they attend yours?

  • Decorate – Add some decorations to the house to add to the occasion. This could be balloons, banners or party poppers. Whatever decorations you choose, they should help create a party atmosphere within your chosen space. Adding decorations won’t cost you much money, but it will create a great impression on your guests and show them that you have made an effort!

  • Drinks & Food Plan – It is always very important to decide early on if guests will be responsible for bringing their own drinks to the party. Once you decide, mention this in the invitation to ensure your guests know if they need to bring their own drinks. Regardless, a good party host always ensures there is enough drinks on stand by for the occasional few guests who may ‘forget’ to bring their own drinks, if needs be. Likewise, it is always important to have some food prepared for your guests at a party. Whether it is just some snacks and pizza, or canapes and caviar, a guest with a full belly is a happy guest, and as such they will be more likely to stick around and keep the party in full swing.

  • Choosing Entertainment – Its always important to choose the right form of entertainment for your house party. Whether it is an energetic DJ or a full band, a bit of entertainment will truly add an extra element to your house party and take it to the next level. Before you choose your entertainment ask yourself: what would your guests enjoy? And what form of entertainment will keep your party going at a consistent energetic level?

With the knowledge above you’re on your way to creating a great house party! And remember, if you need help just get in touch with us, we would be happy to help!

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