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Will You Regret Not Having a Wedding Video?

At an average cost of €936, not everyone hires a videographer for their wedding. However do you think you would regret this decision after the big day? According to a recent interview with a real bride, she revealed that she would have hired a videographer.

“Definitely get a DVD, we didn't and I really regret it! Hubby was meant to get a buddy to record the church for us it was all I wanted and he forgot! Nearly our first marital but he didn't tell me til the day after ... what can you do! A professional was going to do the church for me for a grand and kick myself I didn't just go with it.”

So with this in mind, what about the cost? Although some videographers can charge upwards of €1,500, a quality videographer does not have to cost you a fortune. For example, the most popular wedding videography package at Wide Variety Entertainment is only €895. Take a look at a sample video below to see what type of video this gets you:

Do you think you would regret not hiring a videographer? Have your say in the comments below.

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