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The Brides' Biggest Regret


Monday 16th of November 2015. Published by Martin Eastwood (General Manager)

So... you're getting married and decide to start planning ahead for your big day? There's so much to think about from the venue to the dress, and the guest list to the menu. But take a second, and STOP! Somewhere in the abundance of the typical wedding to-do list, many brides often overlook a key component to a great wedding... choosing the right entertainment!


Its no surprise that research has shown 'One in six (16 per cent) regret their choice of music, with a poor choice of band being the biggest gripe.' In my experience, one of the most talked about things among guests following a wedding, is not the dress, the ceremony or the hair style chosen by the bride. Rather it is the party that followed, the dancing, the music and the amazing atmosphere which resulted in you and your guests, having a great night.


These crucially important factors do not simply just happen on the night. They need to be created, by the entertainers! How do you know that the band or DJ you have chosen is going to help create a great atmosphere at your wedding? Have you seen them live? Have they been recommended by someone you trust? Or are you just hiring them because you're happy enough with the price, and you 'think' they will do a 'good' enough job.


At my event planning company Wide Variety Entertainment, we hire wedding entertainers based on one vital criteria - how they interact with the audience, and their ability to create a great atmosphere and make an event personal. This simple criteria has allowed us to find the needles in the haystack, and give every wedding party the ability to be amazing.


When you set out to choose the right entertainment for your wedding, use the criteria above. I fully believe it will ensure your wedding party has the best chance of being great. And ask yourself, if you had to prioritise the music, the atmosphere and you and your guests having a great night, against the dress, the ceremony or your hairstyle... which do you think should be more important? 

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