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Should You Advertise Your

Private Party Online?


Monday 16th of November 2015. Published by Martin Eastwood (General Manager)

We’ve all heard the stories. A house party is planned with the intention of inviting 30-40 people, and all of a sudden the invite page on Facebook goes locally viral and before you know it you have a Project X situation on your hands! It is possible to create a successful party invitation process without social media, however if you decide to use social media to advertise your party, here are some helpful tips:


  1. 1. Make the event page private, and control the security settings to invite only.


  3. 2. Mention on the event page who is invited, and if it is ok for guests to bring guests. (It is good practice to ask your guests to run such requests by you in advance, so you can avoid inviting 2 or more people with conflict, as this can negatively affect the party atmosphere)


  5. 3. Tell guests what to expect on the night, and what time to arrive.


  7. 4. Use social media to remind your guests and ‘build the hype’ to better increase attendance numbers at your party.


  9. 5. Use the event page to share photos and discussions about the event after the party.


Using the tips above, you should be able to advertise your party successfully to your intended guests. However, if you intend on having a small party and are extremely strict on who you want to attend then you should consider a different approach to inviting your guests. One such approach would be direct phone calls where you should also mention the invitation only situation, if applicable.

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