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How To Organise A Great

Kids Party!


Monday 16th of November 2015. Published by Martin Eastwood (General Manager)

Before you decide to organise your kids’ next party, take a minute to think of what your goal is for the party. For many of our clients, the goal is to keep the children entertained for the duration, so the adults can relax and have a drink and a chat amongst themselves. If your goal is similar to this, then here is a sure-fire way in which you can achieve it.


  1. 1. Hire a good entertainer whether it is a traditional kids magician, or a DJ who will play games such as musical chairs with the kids, you will need good entertainment to keep the kids occupied. Choose carefully to ensure the kids are kept busy and entertained, so the adults can relax in peace for a while.


  3. 2. Hire sweet machines for the special occasion Almost every kid loves sweets, you remember when you were a kid? And on a special occasion, machines dishing out old favourites such as candy floss, popcorn and slush puppy’s can provide for great excitement amongst kids and will be remembered as a great part of the day.


  5. 3. Hire a Bouncy Castle or game The likelihood is, after the children’s entertainer has finished, or taken a break, you will need something to keep the kids occupied. A simple bouncy castle can provide a cost effective solution and hours of entertainment for the little ones. It is well worth considering for your kids big day.


From experience, we have organised a huge amount of kids parties and supplied them with the above, and they all had an amazing time. If you need help organising your kids party, feel free to get in touch, we would be happy to help.

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